Machine Life

machinelife1While they’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on their first official single release (due out this fall), the beauties over at Machine Life were kind enough to ask for a contribution to their fantastic Eclectronic Sessions series, all of which is currently up on their SoundCloud. The below result is a freewheeling attempt to cover as much space as possible without too great of a sacrifice to the level of groove. For a listing of tracks, please check out the version on MixCloud.

Technology for the Youth


The wonderful thing about aging is that you become more modern with every passing second. The future is always now.

Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes


A mix for bike riding, working out, and smoking cigarettes on a porch.

Rich as Stink


A configuration of noisy black dots. A mix for cosmic tomfoolery or reading Alice Munro.

Download: Rich as Stink

When You Cut Your Finger, Bandage the Knife



A 28 minute mix for casual nodding.

When You Cut Your Finger, Bandage the Knife

Tropical Long Johns

tropical long johns

Escape whatever blizzard you’re in, or amplify your non-winter weather, with the inaugural (and slightly sloppy) Lovers Made Men mix: Tropical Long Johns


Husband and wife duo Peaking Lights drops another installment of their genre-smashing, crate-dug Lucifer mix(I know there’s no actual)tape series. Lucifer itself will be dropping July 19 via Mexican Summer, so grab a Bible and prepare yourself.

Joy Orbison – NTS Radio Mix

I often find myself wondering if Joy Orbison is better at puns or at DJ’ing, and I mean that in the most praiseworthy way. Seriously, Joy Orbison is a name that is wonderfully simple yet mindbogglingly awesome. It’s got a reference, it evokes an immediate sensory reaction, and it incites bloggers to ramble on and on.

Either way, Orbison’s 2 hour mix for NTS Radio is solid gold. Bump it in the background of your Labour Day festivities, or in your headphones; I don’t care, just bump it.

Lastly, according to the wise folks over at DummyMag, this mix includes “teasing plays of unreleased tracks GR Etiquette and Boddika collaboration Swims, forthcoming Scuba track Adrenalin,” and a multitude of other goodies. (Via DummyMag)

Bad vibes

Fresh off the release of the excellent Bad Vibes, Shlohmo lays down an eclectic mix for FACT magazine.  According to him the mix is “some old shitty 64kpbs mp3s, some found cassettes, some broken cassettes, some music by friends, some Charles Manson, some screwed and chopped, you get it all.”