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Huh What and Where: Juj

After our coverage of Huh What and Where’s Bahwee and Ta-Ku, I bet you thought we were done with the label. Think again! We just like to keep you on your toes. After all, complacency is just a harbinger of death. So you’re welcome.

Out of the HW&W offerings, Juj is by far the glitchiest cat. His tracks warble and loom in a purgatory between straight hip-hop beats and dance tracks. But if this is what purgatory is like, I’m glad I skipped out on the baptism. Check out “My Room” and “Sunday Bouncer” below. “My Room” has more clicks than your local high school (homonyms are cool for puns still, right….right?) and “Sunday Bouncer” is hypnotic looping at its freshest, complete with the Dilla-certified Mantronix “King of the Beats” siren sample

Download the rest of the magnificently odd Slack beat-tape at the HW&W BandCamp for the affordable price of free.99

Huh What and Where: Bahwee

I was recently fortunate enough to stumble upon the LA-based label Huh What & Where, and the roster of talent on it is out of this world. According to the label’s BandCamp, “This is a label started by friends out of a college dorm. Created by artists for artists, this isn’t too deep.Our only goal is to share with you the things that move/inspire us.”

They may modestly assert the music isn’t deep, but there’s no arguing that HW&W’s line-up is deeper than the Yankees’. Thus, it’s only fair to give the producers on the label their own separate posts.

First off is Bahwee, who has three releases out on HW&W that illustrate how much of a beat artisan he truly is. Bahwee gives off a lo-key headnoddin’ vibe with tracks that sample funk, soul, flamenco, and Bollywood. Regardless of sample or influence, Bahwee is as smooth as can be. Below are two tracks from different tapes. “Pistol Pete” is a rollicking beat that is equal parts G-funk and Renaissance Fair, like jousting in a low-rider. It’s off Bahwee’s Headnodders Vol. II, which is a superb work that explores various forms of instrumental hip-hop. “Holla Back” is a more down-tempo track that is crystalline and sharp and of the more late night Sketches. Every  note here sounds like it’s being played on empty champagne glasses strewn about from a great night out.

Bahwee’s stuff is available at the HW&W BandCampHeadnodders Vol. II and Sketches are free, and Flavors is certainly worth the $10 price tag.