Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes


A mix for bike riding, working out, and smoking cigarettes on a porch.

Rich as Stink


A configuration of noisy black dots. A mix for cosmic tomfoolery or reading Alice Munro.

Download: Rich as Stink

Always there


Los Angeles-based producer and Wedidit crew member D33J drops his new track “Always There” without ever leaving the comfortable confines of the front seat of an automobile in the seventh installment of the ever-entertaining Carsick series from INTOTHEWOODS.TV. (Luckily, he called shotgun or this would have been a lot less interesting.) As with his previous Tide Songs release, D33J’s new track is an enchanting, airy mixture of tropicalia and glitch.

Liquid sunshine


Experiments from the mind

Christoph El’ Truento‘s music is multi-dimensional.  It is born from synthesizers and found sound alike.  Electronic foundations are supported and morphed by organic noise.  Both dream inducing and immediate, one gets the sense that Christoph is releasing the exact sounds that inspire him at that moment–nothing more.  No pandering, just mindbending noises that are at times funky and at other times challenging.

His newest tune, “Sunday”, has some of the trip-hop elements you might find on a KenLo track.  The snare crackles like a stick breaking under your foot while other drum hits hover loosely in the outer corners of the beat.  Meanwhile, the 14 minute saga “Moonjumping” finds Christoph at his most explorative, building sound textures that are at once expansive and intimate.

His upcoming EP can be pre-ordered here and the excellent Wednesday EP can be purchased at his website.