Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes


A mix for bike riding, working out, and smoking cigarettes on a porch.

Always there


Los Angeles-based producer and Wedidit crew member D33J drops his new track “Always There” without ever leaving the comfortable confines of the front seat of an automobile in the seventh installment of the ever-entertaining Carsick series from INTOTHEWOODS.TV. (Luckily, he called shotgun or this would have been a lot less interesting.) As with his previous Tide Songs release, D33J’s new track is an enchanting, airy mixture of tropicalia and glitch.


Groundislava (which I prefer to pronounce as an Eastern European city) will be dropping an LP on Friends of Friends come August, but for now we have the TV Dream EP to tide us over. Much like the rest of the Wedidit Collective members, Groundislava specializes in experimental electronic (or something) layering over a fairly straight forward hip hop back beat. Recently, his take tends to favor hauntingly outdated synthesizers; case in point “Reflecting.”

“Reflecting” sounds like the Bowser’s Castle levels in Super Mario, if you happen to have dropped some acid before plugging in your SNES. Check it out below and peep the rest of the TV Dream EP.

Caring Less and Less to See and Know You

From the dark, droned out depths of Egyptrixx’s brain comes a brand new project entitled Hiawatha. “Caring Less and Less to See and Know You” is an all-encompassing den of steely synths that follows the path laid out on Egyptrixx’s 2011 Bible Eyes while leaving much deeper, hollower footprints. I’d certainly hate to be the person Hiawatha feels so revulsed by.

You and me will take control

Massive tune (pronounced chune) from UK siblings Disclosure to get your morning off on the right foot.

Paid in full

A. Chal’s already given us his airy, hollow take on coastal electronica with “Come Back.” Now he’s taking that sensibility to the trap with “Paid in Full.” No trippin’.

When are you coming back?

Wow. Man of mystery A.Chal just dropped a gorgeous sun-kissed melody via his SoundCloud. “Come Back” is definitely one of the most grooving tracks of 2012 thus far and gets massive bonus points for somehow making the creepy exchange from Buffalo ’66 sound tropical and wistful. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

And I swear, I really like all of you reading this and I’m going to be sad if you don’t come back.

Have it your way

Did you know D’Angelo is back on the road and planning on releasing a new album? I guess he felt the need to let mankind recover for a while from such a potent melange of soulful vocals, shredded abdominal muscles, and thigh moistening (he said it, not me.) But it’s been a while, so I’m excited. You’re excited. L-Vis 1990 is excited.

The Night Slugs co-founder said, “As soon as I heard D’Angelo was coming back, I put onVoodoo, booked tickets to see him in Paris, then made this edit of one of my very favourite D tracks.” I think would have been more effective if it ended with a “no big deal, just saying,” but who am I to blow against the wind?  L-vis’s minimal take on D’Angelo’s stripped song is definitely not minimal in the groove department. Check it below, but be warned: Your clothes are liable to melt off you at any point, a condition doctors have named D’Angeloitis.



These boots were made for hopping around in zero gravity

Moon Beats is keeping disco alive with Aretha, one of the best electronic EPs I’ve heard in a long time. Every track on this is straight interstellar boogie. Thankfully, Moon Boots is kind enough to remain in our atmosphere for the time being and to have the entire EP on his SoundCloud. Right now I’m feeling partial to the ColeCo remix, but every track on here is a cosmic jam. Dust off your disco ball and blast off.