Passing through cities

3500240679-1Submerse crafted his newest collection of beats with the urban environment in mind.  The dreamlike swirl of a city seen through a moving bus.  Pockets of flurried activity followed by serene expanses of grass.  This is the eponymous single off of his upcoming album out March 15th.

While you were ashing in your coffee

torres-music1Mackenzie Scott records under the name TORRES.  The debut from the 22-year-old Nashville native is a sparse collection of  personal songs that oscillate between delicacy and intense ferocity.  On “Honey,” the lyrics and instrumental tension contribute to a song that captures the unbearable inadequacy of our romantic lives.  It is not an angry rant.  It is a person sitting across from a lover, face red from holding in things left unsaid, wondering whether or not this is all there is.

A video of Scott playing “Jealousy and I” is below.

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Lovers Made Men’s 70 Favorite Albums of 2012

meme-breaks-fullIn no particular order, these were our favorite albums of 2012.

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Groundislava (which I prefer to pronounce as an Eastern European city) will be dropping an LP on Friends of Friends come August, but for now we have the TV Dream EP to tide us over. Much like the rest of the Wedidit Collective members, Groundislava specializes in experimental electronic (or something) layering over a fairly straight forward hip hop back beat. Recently, his take tends to favor hauntingly outdated synthesizers; case in point “Reflecting.”

“Reflecting” sounds like the Bowser’s Castle levels in Super Mario, if you happen to have dropped some acid before plugging in your SNES. Check it out below and peep the rest of the TV Dream EP.

This is the age of running your mouth

If David Berman is to be believed (and he totally is), punk rock died when the first kid said, “Punk’s not dead.” It doesn’t seem that anyone in Sweden has ever uttered that phrase, because Holograms’ debut kicks out the jams like 1978 has yet to happen. Holograms takes angular 70’s art-punk guitar work, adds in the occasional synth, and runs through tracks like a runaway train. While this aggression seems liable to run off the rails at any given moment, the quartet manage to keep everything perfectly tight and together.

Holograms’ label Captured Tracks, which is also home to DIIV, has been kind enough to post the entirety of the LP, which is out now. Like RIGHT now. Listen below.

Shoot right through your head

The Soft Pack’s eponymous 2010 debut was as solid as crystal and it’s good to see the Los Angeles by way of San Diego garage rockers getting ready to drop some more distortion drenched pop-rock. “Saratoga” is the first released track from the quartet’s upcoming Strapped (ha! it’s a fake penis joke!) and picks up right where the group left off, with charming fuzz and driving rhythm.

But beneath the veneer of a road trip worthy song lies bitter disappointment. Front-man Matt Lamkin tears through the song’s subject, asking, “Could you describe what you feel you’re doing?” since “from [his] side it seems you’re screwing everyone around you.” However, the real kicker comes when Lamkin asks, “Could you be kind enough to find the time to return all the time that I spent right beside you?”, a request which stings just all the more due to its politeness and seemingly careless delivery.

The Soft Pack clearly haven’t lost their bulge and Strapped is due out September 25 via Mexican Summer.

Caring Less and Less to See and Know You

From the dark, droned out depths of Egyptrixx’s brain comes a brand new project entitled Hiawatha. “Caring Less and Less to See and Know You” is an all-encompassing den of steely synths that follows the path laid out on Egyptrixx’s 2011 Bible Eyes while leaving much deeper, hollower footprints. I’d certainly hate to be the person Hiawatha feels so revulsed by.

I should be somewhere beside the open shore

If I were a pretentious snob with a blog, I’d be clever and classify Seafoam’s self-titled EP as sandalgaze since the background atmosphere created by the wall of distortion effects sounds more like waves steadily brushing along a coastline than the crunch of a more traditional shoegaze band. Luckily that isn’t the case. Really. I’m just a fan of apophasis.

Seafoam is the project of Athens, GA denizen John Jagos. Check out the (I guess I should say surprisingly) breezy “Collapsed Lung,” my favorite track from the self-titled EP, and then see the rest for yourself at Seafoam’s BandCamp.

In the desert all alone

i can go

I don’t like being hasty with my predictions, but with summer only ten days deep (you’re welcome, solstice nerds) I feel comfortable saying that White Arrows have put out this season’s best song with an allusion to the hazards of eating mushrooms before boarding an airplane. My new favorite PSA “I Can Go” is just one of the many worthwhile cuts from the L.A. quintet’s recently released debut Dry Land is Not a Myth, which is a lambent mix of electronica, indie rock, and psychedelia appropriate for all seasons. You can go stream if for free by sharing (and caring) through the White Arrows website.

How long have you known?

Z. Cole Smith has been working on his DIIV project for a few years now.  Apparently, Smith holed himself up in a stuffy room in Bushwick for a summer and absorbed the work of Lucinda Williams, Jandek, Nirvana, and James Welsh, amongst others.  This results in a sound that takes many of the lovely guitar-pop elements from Beach Fossils, his other band, and places them in a more complex landscape of tight new-wave melodies, and propulsive kraut rock.  In short, its fantastic.  The new album Oshin can be streamed here and a few of the tracks can be heard below. Oshin is out June 26th via Captured Tracks.