Don’t wanna move to Southern California

Your home town has more of an impact on you than you’d care to admit. But no, you gasp, your face writhing with incredulity. You’re your own person, how could a location shape you? Well, it did, and later on in life another one will as well. On and on until the earth shapes you one last time. Whether you lovingly embrace your roots or strive to sever them at all costs, you act in relation to where you come from. Dent May’s “Home Groan” is a loving homage to being from not the most glamorous of places but loving it nonetheless. (In May’s case it’s Mississippi). L.A. and New York get a lot of hype, but any place can be that monumental if you make it. Relativism or something, right? I say to feign passive uncertainty.

So grab some of your hometown friends, or think of them if you’re far away, and enjoy the bouncing synths and psychedelic harmonies on just one of Dent May’s summer anthems on Do Things, which is out June 12 via Paw Tracks.

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  1. Defn28

     /  October 6, 2012

    Heard the ‘don’t wanna move to Southern Valufornia’ tune when I walked into h&m this morning and couldn’t leave the store until it ended… Awesome tune so gonna go but album 🙂


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