My baby’s feeling so uptight

What do you get when you combine three DJ’s and a jazz vocalist? If Machine Life is to be any indication, the answer is bliss. Now for complete transparency (honesty is the best policy), I’ve known Machine Life vocalist April Acerno for quite some time, but I did not know just what she was capable of doing with her voice. With Acerno at the vocal helm and Craig Harris, Yanal Kazan, and Tay Samiz building the sonic landscapes, Machine Life is far more life than machine.

The end product is a beautiful bastard child that’s equal parts sticky lounge, upbeat sugary dance pop, jagged new wave, and classic Chicago grooves. Yet even though Machine Life’s work is clearly the amalgamation of a wide net of influences, their sound does anything but harken back to the past. Instead, Machine Life’s tight-knit instrumentation injects an organic substance woefully missing from so much of the indie electronica that’s coming out today. Their music is proof that there isn’t necessarily a need to sacrifice musicianship for danceability, and the group is definitely not afraid of letting their musical chops loose. Machine Life makes the kind of perfect pop music that it’s impossible to not want to dance to. And no matter how high you throw your hands up in the air, your drink will never spill. That’s just how Machine Life does it.

While the demos they graciously sent through are already better than the polished products of a lot of artists out there, one song stood out in particular.  “Nothing Makes It Right” is just so damn aching and infectious. The nuanced backbeat builds beautifully behind the vocal track and before you know it, you’ve been taken from heartbreak to pure ecstasy. “I don’t think I’ll be here for long,” Acerno muses; it’s definitely the opposite for Machine Life as a group.

Don’t sleep on these guys (and gal) and check out the Machine Life website and SoundCloud for the rest of the demo tracks. The band is currently putting up the finishing touches on their album and prepping the itinerary for their first extended tour.

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