Who cares? Gimme a beer!

John McCauley is a simple guy who knows what he wants: “the kind of girl, she can dance, she can twirl, and go out all night with friends,” “the kind of dog that listens when I call and pisses on my neighbor’s fence,” “the kind of clothes, so everybody knows, here comes a confident man,” “the kind of watch, so everyone will gawk, and say ‘Hey this is better than mine.'” But, and damn it feels good to be as gangsta as all that, all of life’s riches can’t measure up to just enjoying a nice brew.

“Gimme a Beer” is Diamond Rugs’s  anthemic middle finger to chasing opulence and impossibility in your life. People are actors, not playwrights, and we can’t always control what happens. Instead, we have to take what we are given and find substance in that. Fancy clothes, an overwrought car, the jealous ire of others,  that’s not living. It’s just one empty exoskeleton within a forest after molting season. Or at least, that’s like my opinion, man. Instead, start small. Grab something simple you enjoy and feel it out for yourself.

Diamond Rugs is comprised of members of Deer Tick, Black Lips, Dead Confederate, and Los Lobos. With “Gimme a Beer” the supergroup delivers a massive wallop of cowpunk boogie. This means your desire for ripping booze (a lifestyle we in the industry refer to as “AC/DC”) will look cool at a rodeo, a bowling alley, even at the Park Slope house party of some charming urban lumberjack. Without ever taking themselves too seriously, Diamond Rugs have created a song that’s equal parts sarcastic smarm towards consumerism and party anthem. But really, who cares? Gimme a beer and give this a listen.

The Diamond Rugs album is due out Spring 2012 via Partisan Records.

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