Huh What and Where: Ta-Ku

While previous Huh What & Where artist Bahwee was more of a straight-up beat producer, with tiltneck tracks hovering around the 2 minute mark, Ta-Ku is more of an instrumental composer. His eleventh-hour celebrating album Latenyc is the product of a recent trip to New York and the eight tracks do not disappoint. Ta-Ku’s slow-burning, late night funk is the perfect music to come home to. Latenyc is staring out the metro into the glimmering lights of the subway tunnel on your way home, Latenyc is the car ride to a quick food pit-stop before bed, and Latenyc is that last smoke and drink of the night where you reminisce with your company of choice about what made that night just right.

SJP” is a smooth building instrumental that is just the right blend of mellow and upbeat. It’s perfect mood music for when you’re not at the club anymore, but you’re certainly not quite ready to call it quits. “Mahal” is a glitch-beat R&B joint featuring Chet Faker that burns like a Cuban cigar.

Check out the rest of Latenyc at the HW&W BandCamp, where the album can also be bought for $5.

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