The prairies of canada

Mark Andrew Hamilton, the songwriter for Woodpigeon, explains that his “parents were always the type to find an artist and album they liked and then listen to it non-stop in the car for years. It’s these tapes which, whether [he] liked them at the time or not, formed an undeniable part of [his] musical DNA: Carole King, Falco, a truck-stop Hits of the 1960s compilation. The songs of the For Paolo EP are a valentine of sorts to those old cassettes of [his] parents.”

The fact these songs come from an important emotional place is immediately evident.  They are dripping with nostalgia and buried feelings.  On “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Mark”, the track builds into a distorted and comparatively grating climax before it settles down for the last thirty seconds and Hamilton sings “I just want to be one of the mindless happy.”  It is a potent moment reinforced by the songwriting.

For Paolo is a heartfelt collection of delicate melodies and Hamilton’s quivering croon.

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