If you keep tracing a circle

if you keep tracing a circle
will all meaning eventually be lost?

it always happens in the kitchen

I watch you without looking
boring down
through flesh, through bone, through nothing
(nothing is inscribed in concentricity)

that’s when the transformation begins

your eyes grow wide
your mouth goes dumb
your skin slacks loose in layers
then it swells with fat

and then you’re gone
(to imply that you were there)

and on the floor there lies an infant
crying, spittling round the corners of the mouth
vomit caking on the skin
(it always ends with a beginning)

so I take it and I wrap it
(a little gift just for myself)
I build a garden out of blankets
and then plant it in the bed

all my swords have gone to ploughshares

in the morning I will dig
see what this harvest yields for me

soon it will be time to cook again

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