Smooth solidarity

Co La‘s new record, “Daydream Repeater”, initially takes the repurpose-and-loop approach to obscure sampling (a la The Books, The Avalanches, DJ Shadow, etc.) but as the third track, “Wanna Say Faux”, breaks down into a spacey take on The Ronette’s “Be My Baby” its clear that Matthew Papich’s approach is something more distinct.  This is disjointed, sample-based, electronic, dub pop.  Repetitive and rhythmic at times, bright and bass-heavy at others.

There is something about inventive sampling that will always spark my interest.  New music will always draw on the past; at least in sample-based music there is no need to put “I was inspired by…” in the liner notes, it is imbedded in the fabric of the track.  It is a manifestation of a musical philosophy: that music is always drawn from somewhere and it is better to reinvent it honestly, creating an ongoing homage that is personal and therefore unique.

The record can be purchased here.  Stream it below.

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