I’ve got no real reason for my loneliness

Drew and I aren’t very shy about our love for White Denim. It goes beyond just the music, it’s a way of life. We wear our white denim proudly on the streets, like we’re perpetually at a beach party in Ibiza. The knees have worn down from all the yacht-setting and the bottom hemming is torn from being stepped on by finely cobbled, finely pointed leather shoes.

White Denim’s new EP, Takes Place in Your Work Place, is short but sweet. In the course of four tracks the four guys from Austin show off how they’ve matured as songwriters. The songs are now more deliberate, more spread out, and the intricacy of arrangement has reached an all-time high. This is (it hurts to use the term) classic rock at its finest.

We, as people, are emotional creatures. No matter how rational we strive to be, our feelings can often get the best of us. In economics, John Maynard Keynes deemed this to be our “animal spirits.” On “No Real Reason,” White Denim take on how sometimes our animal spirits can be overwhelming, even if they’re illogical. There isn’t always a reason to feel lonely, sometimes it just happens, but that shouldn’t bog down the importance of that feeling. Sometimes, feeling can be all we have. “No Real Reason” conveys this without ever evoking any bathos and with an arrangement that is my fantasy of some high school dance of yore. So check out this beautiful track, and grab someone you like and slow dance so you really won’t have any reason to feel loneliness.

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