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Galapagos is one of the many tremendous artists on the genre-twisting Absent Fever label. Seriously check it out, all the downloads are free and the music is some of the most original stuff coming out today.

BIG CAT (that’s how big it is) is one of Galapagos’s free EPs that traverses all boundaries between the dance floor and the upper reaches of the stratosphere. My personal favorite is “Honey,” a track with a beat as sticky as the name implies. The hard backbone of the beat is topped with a shimmering piano-cut and is finished off with a vocal sample warped to the point of almost sounding like Indian music, with a hint of melancholy buried somewhere underneath. Grab your headphones and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

BIG CAT is available for free via Galapagos and Absent Fever, though I’d like to get preachy and suggest donating a buck or two.

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