This machine destroys everything

Drew, don’t worry too much about the lack of forward-thinking dance music coming out of San Diego. To make up for it, you guys have the trip-hop stylings of Neat Beats, whose name pretty much covers the aesthetics of the fantastic Cosmic Surgery. Neat Beats simultaneously keeps it tight, organized, airy, and loose. Paradox? You bet!

“Kung-Fu of the Astronaut Drunkard” is a nice soundtrack to floating aimlessly through space, combining a classic hip-hop beat with wonky synth arpeggios. “Why Would We Need Brakes?” is a less aggressive piano-based jam that will glitch you all the way to bliss. “This Machine Destroys Everything” is a driving, stomp-worthy boogie.

Cosmic Drunkard, which is a terrific trip through and through, is available via the Neat Beats BandCamp. Check out the whole album below.

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  1. Emilie

     /  November 10, 2011

    This is awesome, thanks guys!


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