It broke when I fell

Every feeling, every emotion is transient but seems so monumental when it first occurs. When we feel something, we assume we’ll feel that way forever. Think about what mattered most to you six years ago. Chances are you thought it would be the way you felt forever, and even more likely is how far removed from that concern you are now. Likewise, the things that matter to you now will probably be inconsequential down the line. Time is the ultimate leveler; time is the ocean continually beating upon the rocks, slowly smoothing away the markings in its path. We’re just like those rocks. The marks and grooves we display prominently in the present will be passed over and abraded by the ceaseless watery caress of time.

Lonesome Ghost’s “Seashell” is a dreamy echo of a rock song about about how ephemeral things really are. You can write a name on a seashell, but with time that seashell will always break. Hopefully the Dallas quartet will be gracing us with some more material via their BandCamp, where “Seashell” is currently available for the very low price of free.

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  1. dis be a damn good writen post


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