A reminder of what you’re missing most of all

Big Troubles are not exactly revolutionizing music one innovative riff at a time, and that’s fine. Behind the facade of experimentation and progression, music has slowly but surely lost its sensibility and pleasantness. To some extent music should be enticing, light, and not particularly complex. Seriously, try listening to nothing but Steve Reich for about a year and you’ll probably end up on the news.

Big Troubles’ new album Romantic Comedy is a masterfully crafted pop-rock excursion. The rhythms are vibrant, the solos are melodic, and the vocals brush against you like sheets drying out in the summer wind. Still, simplicity can be deceptive and I by no means want to imply that the album isn’t brimming with talent. Rather, Big Troubles don’t feel the need to throw their musical abilities in your face, but rather guide your emotions to the same destination.

“She Smiles for Pictures” is precisely that, a wistful song whose sharp lyrics lie hidden beneath the plush softness of the music. Big Troubles don’t need to intrude aurally, rather they sink in organically.

Romantic Comedy has been out since August 30 via Slumberland Records, and the entire album can be streamed through Stereogum.

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