Don’t have to hesitate

Since Isaac Babel’s The Odessa Tales, the Ukrainian port town has been a place of lore  in Russian culture. As any important city on the sea, Odessa is a vibrant mix of vulgarity and prestige. That and Jews. It’s also a Caribou song, so you know it’s important.

Maybe it’s just direct association on my part, but Brooklynite Kent Odessa (and by God I hope that is his birth name) is able to really bring out some Black Sea aesthetics on his recent track “Getaway.” The song is warm, but not quite hot enough to be tropical. Like the Black Sea, it doesn’t flow enough (to its advantage) to be an ocean, rather it is a perfectly contained inland entity. Either way, Odessa’s chillwave jam makes me want to buy a Zhiguli and drive it to Sochi in the winter and just dig my feet into the cool sand.

Odessa is also the man behind the lo-fi pop group Peephole. It seems he’s shed the rock instrumentation but not his attuned pop-sensibilities in switching to a different moniker. For more relaxed grooves from Odessa, check out his SoundCloud.

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