Machine Life

machinelife1While they’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on their first official single release (due out this fall), the beauties over at Machine Life were kind enough to ask for a contribution to their fantastic Eclectronic Sessions series, all of which is currently up on their SoundCloud. The below result is a freewheeling attempt to cover as much space as possible without too great of a sacrifice to the level of groove. For a listing of tracks, please check out the version on MixCloud.

Technology for the Youth


The wonderful thing about aging is that you become more modern with every passing second. The future is always now.


To keep his mind off the dull, hollow ringing in his ear, Arnold stared intently around the hospital emergency room. He couldn’t quite remember when the ringing had started and for all he knew, maybe it had always been there. It felt like being the butler to an overly demanding widow, a bell constantly ring ringing in his ear. The flu was really getting to him.

The emergency room was nothing like what he had imagined. Being of a particular generation and level of health, Arnold’s only frame of reference for hospitals were movies and television shows and this was not his envisioned glossy, white bastion of recovery with lights bright enough to disinfect and hospital staff feverishly running around tending to patients’ needs. Instead, the seedy yellow lights inside the hospital inexplicably built within a castle flickered lowly, scattering light unevenly across tiles which alternated in shade between heavily eroded seafoam and the teeth of a consummate coffee drinker. He couldn’t tell if the lights were buzzing strangely or if it was just his head but, all in all, it felt much more like a bus stop restroom than a hospital.

It had been almost an hour since the receptionist chewing gum loud enough to blow a bubble through Arnold’s deafness had waved him into his curtained-off section of the emergency room. That the emergency room here was just a single room parceled out into plots was a bit too literal for Arnold, who had expected a personal room, preferably with a variety of glass openings to always be in the line of sight of the nurses and doctors hurrying about the halls. Instead, all he got were walls of anti-microbial, stain resistant mesh patterned with what appeared to be flower leaves sans blossom. Read the full post »

Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes


A mix for bike riding, working out, and smoking cigarettes on a porch.

Rich as Stink


A configuration of noisy black dots. A mix for cosmic tomfoolery or reading Alice Munro.

Download: Rich as Stink

When You Cut Your Finger, Bandage the Knife



A 28 minute mix for casual nodding.

When You Cut Your Finger, Bandage the Knife

Tropical Long Johns

tropical long johns

Escape whatever blizzard you’re in, or amplify your non-winter weather, with the inaugural (and slightly sloppy) Lovers Made Men mix: Tropical Long Johns

Always there


Los Angeles-based producer and Wedidit crew member D33J drops his new track “Always There” without ever leaving the comfortable confines of the front seat of an automobile in the seventh installment of the ever-entertaining Carsick series from INTOTHEWOODS.TV. (Luckily, he called shotgun or this would have been a lot less interesting.) As with his previous Tide Songs release, D33J’s new track is an enchanting, airy mixture of tropicalia and glitch.

This must be L.A.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.23.17 PMLike butter melting on top of butter.  Apparently Rai Thistlethwayte is well known in his native Australia, and now he’s living in L.A. to try and launch his solo career.  I hope he sticks around.  In fact, if he continues to churn out tracks that are this effortlessly soulful I’ll pay his rent (read: offer up my mom’s couch).


Liquid sunshine